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United States
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Personal Quote: A good role player thinks of his character, a great role player thinks of others'
Hello, all.  I know I haven't posted anything on this account in over a year (Really, I've moved on to other things.) but I wanted to come back for just a moment and float an idea to anyone.

I've been looking around and thinking of maybe writing my own role-playing game, new system and everything.  As you may have guessed, this system would be a steampunk setting.  Characters could choose to be a steampunk inventor, or any number of other characters (such as fencers, mercenaries, nobles, etc.)  Now, this system is still in the VERY early stages of planning, but I was wondering if people would buy it?  

My initial idea, if this ever gets off the ground (which, I realize, is not likely) is that I would offer a download service.  Pay $15.00 (or whatever) and get a digital copy.  And if there was enough interest/profit from that, then maybe I could get some printed up, and maybe do expansion books.

So, anyone out there wanna play a Steampunk RPG?

EDIT: Damn you tech goddess, for your RPG meme that forces me to play along.  Damn my RPG nerdiness!

Years roleplaying: Let's see . . .13ish I guess

Favorite character?: "Wolf", 3rd ed DnD Samurai/Iajutsu Master (He was a Ronin in an oriental adventures game.)

Least favorite character?: I've had lots of one-off characters . . . There was one 7th Sea character that I had, big burly tank-ey, German type.  Everyone used his low resolve score to annoy him into wearing ridiculous jester-clothing.  

Male or female characters?: I USUALLY play males, though I've played both.  I prefer males only because I find them easier to role-play.  I sometimes fear I'll do a dis-service to women if I role-play them 'wrong.'

Oldest character?: Oldest character that I can remember, hmm, can't even remember his name.  2nd ed DnD, Planescape, prime-born Elf priest/martial artist, with the monk kit.  Member of the free league . . . still can't remember his name.

Newest character?: Asako Akisame, Legend of the Five Rings, 4th ed.  Male Shiba Bushi, scholorly warrior type.

Most popular character? (to others): Feldor Kane Male 1/2 elf monk, 3rd Ed DnD, modified planescape campaign.  Man, the story's I could tell.

Character you've (made and) never played?: Darien Finn.  He was to be in a d20 traveler game.  He was a genius, had every skill under the sun.  Pilot, medicine, computer hacking, engineering, you name it.  Super, SUPER arrogant.

Which character of yours would be most likely to...

Jump off a bridge? Wolf.  He actually did this . . . almost.  He made a running leap from one pier to another, and just made it.  Pissed the GM off as I circumvented his death gauntlet.

Get drunk and pass out? Depends?  Drinking to the point of passing out?  Akisame would do so if he got into his funk.  See, he has this secret love and he was forced to marry another though political wheeling and dealing and . . . well he gets really depressed about it sometimes.

Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way? Funn.  In his backstory he almost killed his boss by overdosing him on a stimulant.  If I ever got to play him, I was going to design a myriad of different traps to take down whatever came my way.

Get married? Akisame IS Married so . . .  Well, even before he was married, he was planning on marrying someone else.  Akisame.

Be far too hyper for their own good? None of my characters were super hyper, but Kane was more prone to mood swings, so I'd say him.

Get lost and refuse to ask for directions? Darien Finn.  He's so arrogant, I doubt he'd ever admit being lost.  Though, he had navigation and the ability to parce hyperspace coordinates, so I doubt he'd ever GET lost . . .

Get lung cancer? None of my characters smoked . . . Wolf, probably, as he spent a lot of time around our fire-happy mage.  Yeah, our mage REALLY liked fires.  A lot.

Star in a horror movie? 7th Sea German tank.  Looked ugly, had huge sword, and an unbreakable gauntlet.  Could take a beating . . . yeah, him.

Star in a porn? I don't really make overtly sexual characters.  

Star in a video game? I've remade Kane in NWN . . . and I've made Wolf in the create-a-character mode of Samurai Warriors . . . . so either of those two.

Make the world a better place? Kane saved a world from an evil wizard, and the 2nd ed monk-priest tried to do the same . . . so either of them.

Have a torrid gay love affair? Again, no overtly sexual characters.  
Did you ever...

Play a prostitute? No.

Play a musician? I've played a Bard or two.  Even a Skald once.

Play a pilot? Darien Finn could do everything on the ship EXCEPT pilot.  I've played a pilot character somewhere, I'm sure.  I think in a Star Wars game that only lasted a few sessions.  Yeah, I did.

Play a homosexual? Hmmm. Dunno.  I'm comming to realize I don't play sexual characters, and maybe that says something about me.  I had a Bisexual dude in a 2nd ed Kingmaker game once, but I dunno if that counts.

Play a politician? Akisame is a warrior Bushi, and not a courtier, but he's forced to play politics a lot.  Other than that, no, I don't think so.

Create a character for the sole purpose of smut? Again, no, but maybe I should consider it.

Lastly, take each of your characters and assign a song to them:

I assume you mean the above mentioned characters?  Because I've probably created over a hundred by now.  Also: not good with songs

Wolf: It's my life (Bon Jovi)
German 7th sea: Makka no Chikai (Japanese…)
2nd ed priest monk: Kung Fu Fighting (Carl Douglas)
Feldor Kane: Techno Syndrom (The Mortal Kombat song) (Immortals)
Asako Akisame: Walk through the fire (From the Musical episode of Buffy: Once more with feeling)
Darien Finn: Modern Major General, no wait!  Um, pretty fly for a White Guy!  No, oooh, hmmm.
"What we need more of is Science" by MC Hawking?  Can anyone think of other songs about someone being an annoying prick?


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Are you really the Happy Video Game Nerd?
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Nope, his Devart page is [link]

I just contributed a few pieces of fan art to his cause, and hope to contribute more in the future.
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Read some of my backloged Journal entries to see what I think about furry art.
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I hate how so many people are so mean toward furries. But yeah, it's the internet. It was bound to happen.
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Dont worry about the comming i honestly dont mind. It's awesome to hear that someone appreciates the work i put into my pictures ^_^ truely means the world to me. Since i started drawing with no talent at all to see the nice comments people like you leave behind truely makes it all worth while.

Thank you ~~
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